The Oregon Fix - Conclusion

The Oregon Fix - Conclusion
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Part 9: The Fix

When I began this series of articles it was my hope that it would convince people to take action and join us in “fixing” the problem of fraudulent elections in Oregon. The anomalies we found were:

Of the 23 counties in Oregon which are trending republican, every one of them voted more heavily for Biden than would be predicted based on past registration and voting record. That’s like flipping a coin and getting heads 23 times in a row!

A t-test can be done to see if the 2020 election varies from the model derived from the previous 8 election results and registration data. . A stringent 99% two tailed confidence test was used as the standard. Even with this rigorous standard, 17 of the republican trending counties deviated from the model significantly. And so did Deschutes county which voted more heavily for Biden than would be predicted.

Curiously, Multnomah county, which is the most democratic county in the state and continued to register more and more democratic through 2020, actually voted significantly more heavily for Trump than its registration would predict. This is especially curious in light of the fact that political scientists widely regard the urban and suburban areas were the main support base for Biden’s win. So Multnomah county could be considered one of the main strongholds for Biden’s win in 2020, and yet it actually under performed based on its history and registration trend.

Having presented this data in the previous 7 articles (plus one introductory article), we now have to reach a conclusion. There are several ways we can interpret this data, among which are the following two possibilities:

  1. There were a series of surprise anomalies in the state of Oregon in the 2020 elections, just as there have been surprises in all elections. 2020 was neither unusual nor fraudulent.
  2. There is deep and pervasive fraud in Oregon elections and it has been ongoing for some years, at least as far back as the start of the mail in elections. It was begun slowly in selected cities in the state, and as of 2020 has moved slowly into the rural areas of the state. Since Trump won most of these republican trending counties, the smaller margin of victory in those counties would probably not be noticed. This fraud has been carefully controlled to these levels in these locations to avoid negative backlash against these bad actors.

The second opinion makes a lot more sense to me. The real surprise from this analysis is not that fraud existed. The first article (Motor Voter Phantom Voters) clearly shows that the tools are already in place within our state’s system. The real surprise is that something is clearly happening even in the conservative rural counties of the state, that it began in earnest in 2020, and that it is so consistent state-wide in these counties. Elections are supposedly run at the county level, but this raises suspicions that at a state-wide level the results are being manipulated.

It has been my first hand experience as well as anecdotally the experience of many others I’ve talked to that most county clerks are doing an honest job of managing the elections with integrity given their limited resources. There are some exceptions including notably in Coos county (see the Curious Case of Coos County), but on the whole the evidence seems to indicate fraud is happening at a state wide level more than at a county level.

I just listened to a podcast talking about election fraud in New York state, where they have uncovered hundreds of thousands of instances. This is what the leader of the research team there said about their attitude going into their investigation:

. . . we just thought probably in deep blue New York we won’t find much, because why would they cheat their own people? If they are so solid on their voters here why would they cheat in New York? What we’ve discovered from connecting with researchers across the country is that in fact New York has more fraud than any state. In order to make a state deep blue they need to cheat every last man woman and child out of their true identity, because it really comes down to identity theft . . .

from  see the episode on Biden’s Baby Kills Afghan Anniversary starting at the 37 minute mark.

It’s no longer a stretch to think that in order to make the entire west coast deep blue there has been extensive fraud occurring all up and down the coast. Unfortunately here in Oregon we are way behind the team working within New York, largely because the teams in Oregon are smaller and quite fragmented. A recent presentation identified 5 different organizations working independently state-wide. Rightly or wrongly these 5 organizations have not yet built the mechanisms of collaboration and trust to share their information with each other. It should therefore come as no surprise that we are moving more slowly and are in more desperate straits here in Oregon than in other states.

In this difficult situation, what is the Oregon “Fix”? Most people involved in the election integrity movement believe that the ultimate Oregon solution, like in most other states involves returning to more traditional, manual, and observable registration and election processes not easily subverted by electronic or trafficking manipulation. Developing sufficient proof to establish adequate public awareness and then the will to enact these changes is yet another difficult challenge in this state which by law has voted by mail for well over 20 years now. The statewide collaboration needed to accomplish all of this is starting to emerge, but will take some time to develop.

As you can also see from all of these articles, I believe it begins in and is accompanied by prayer, not because we are desperate, but because all meaningful change needs to come from our creator. If I were writing this because I thought I could truly influence public opinion by my words, I would have given up long ago. This series is simply an act of obedience in faith. We cannot fix this only by our own efforts. BUT, our own efforts are important too, since the Bible makes it clear that  “. . . faith without works is useless. . .” James 2:20. I have written this in confidence because I have faith that God is not finished working in Oregon. So speak to others. Vote. We have a part to play in this.

Please give us your thoughts in the telegram channel. Thank you.

A Patriot’s Prayer: Father God, our situation is desperate, but we are not. We are concerned so we come to you and again ask for you to act. Direct us in the best course of action, unite us as needed. As the apostles prayed when threatened: “And now, Lord, take note of their threats, and grant that Your bond-servants may speak Your word with all confidence . . .” Acts 4_29