Hello Fellow Patriots!

Ballot pic by Obi Pixel6 Propix from Unsplash.com/photos/hsA3byv6g_U

We are a team of Oregon resident volunteers that has for months been investigating our concerns regarding the November 3, 2020 Oregon election.

We have recently launched the @auditoregon Telegram channel to keep Oregonians informed about Oregon and National election integrity news and other related news.  There is a companion @auditoregonchat discussion channel where you can share your opinions on any of those topics.

We invite you to come join the conversation in our channels!  Please join us in our mission to inform and wake Oregonians up to save the sanctity of our elections.

If you are also interested in helping with our election integrity investigation efforts, we would love to have you join our team.

You are welcome to join us !

Where to find our Team?

You can also send us a message at:

[email protected]

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How to ensure election integrity?

Voter envelope pic by Tiffany Tertipes from Unsplash.com/photos/sY5-f-eviXs Hammer pic by Racool Studio from Freepik.es/fotos/litigio Monitors pic by Farzad Nazifi from Unsplash.com/photos/p-xSl33Wxyc